A 15 Years Old Kid Making Over $1944 a Week By Just Installing Apps on His phone

Brian Cooper is a 15 years old kid who lives with his grandmother in Bellevue, Washington, USA. When Brian was 14 years old, found a company website in a forum about making money online, where the CEO of that company was explaining in a long article how can people make money from that site by just installing and testing new apps on their phones, and giving feedback about these apps and reporting any bugs during using them.

Brian got so excited it, especially that everyone at any age can register and start working with them. So, he registered and started installing apps on his phone, and giving feedback and reporting bugs in these apps when he get back from school, and in his first week he made over $1944! He was making $25 per app install and additional $15 for any bug or a problem he reports.

So we asked Brian about that website and how everyone else can make money online as well. And Brian was so generous to share with us the website and the working method as explained below:

  1. Visit the company website >> CLICK HERE
  2. Put your Full name, Email address and your age.
  3. Complete a quick test by installing 3 apps and follow the instructions under the names of the apps.
  4. When you finish, a page will appear saying you’re all set, thank you. Take a screenshot of that page and send it to their email address here: [email protected]
  5. You’ll get a reply from them to the email address you provided earlier within 48h, and you’ll be asked about your preferred payment method, they pay you with too many payment methods including PayPal.
  6. Once you reply with your preferred payment method, you’ll receive a welcoming email and a list of apps to install and test and start earning $25 per any app you install and additional $15 for any bug you report. (They pay Weekly)