Bad Breath – 5 Remedies

While trying to find an effective remedy for malodorous breath, you will need to scrutinize the reason for the bad breath so that it can be treated properly. Malodorous breath is a widely prevalent condition and it’s comforting to know that a cure is available and that bad breath could be dealt with effectively.

Some of the major causes of foul smelling breath are foods, oral bacteria, dentures, dry mouth and smoking. Every one of these factors cause either short – term or chronic bad breath. Fortunately, a cure also exists for every one of these conditions.

1. Bacteria in the Mouth

The main cause or bad breath is oral bacteria and they can be completely eradicated by routine and effective flossing and brushing of teeth and routine tongue scraping. Oral bacteria as their name suggests reside in the mouth and the tongue is one of their favorite haunts. You have to remove food residue and plaque from the mouth to ensure that bacteria don’t take hold in your mouth. By the adoption of a regular flossing and brushing routine, oral bacteria and the ensuing bad breath could be eliminated completely.

2. Bad Breath Caused by Foods

Food items such as garlic and onions cause bad breath in the short term and this odor can be masked by eating foods like cloves, parsley, and peppermint or fennel seeds. This odor can only be masked as it has its origins in the intestines and you need to wait a whole day to eliminate the malodor naturally.

3. Bad Breath Caused By Smoking

Smoking is a major cause of chronic malodorous breath as a result of the tobacco’s smell and also as it makes your gums and teeth vulnerable to disease which leads to bad breath. The best way to eliminate the risk of bad breath because of smoking is to kick the habit as soon as possible.

4. Bad Breath and Dentures

Dentures may also lead to bad breath if they are not cleaned properly. Food particles may get lodged in the dentures and unless cleaned properly, these food particles will aid in the growth of oral bacteria leading to bad breath. This is one of the major reasons that one needs to gargle his mouth properly after every meal.

5. Bad Breath Caused By Dry Mouths

Short – term as well as chronic bad breath can also be caused by dry mouths as the moisture in the mouth helps in keeping it clean. In a dry mouth, the bacteria can’t be moved away. Hence it is advisable to drink the stipulated amount of fluids daily to flush away the oral bacteria. To prevent bad breath, brushing and flossing become mandatory in case of a dry mouth.

The only way to eliminate bad breath is to correctly identify the cause of malodorous breath. Once you’ve found a cure that successfully deals with bad breath, it will seem like a whole new lease on life.